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Biuro Rachunkowe

Are you starting up a business in the home country or abroad, and need an Accounting Firm offering professional accounting services? This means you are looking for us… In addition to national companies, we keep the accounts of Italian, German and Ukrainian companies and.... all others that wish to work with us. We invite you to contact us!

About company

Since 1995, we have been calculating the taxes due for our Customers in a solid, reliable way and in accordance with all the applicable legal requirements and regulations. We are in possession of a license of the Ministry of Finance authorizing us to provide bookkeeping services on a commercial basis.

In the era of constantly changing regulations, we can guarantee a professional and reliable service tailored to the specific needs of your business. We get in touch with you immediately – if during the accounting or check of the documents it appears that it is possible to improve the situation of the company in terms of its finances or taxation - with the suggestion to take the appropriate steps in this direction.

Professional confidentiality is strictly observed. We guarantee complete security of electronic data and documents we receive. On request, it is possible for the Firm employee to collect the Customer documentation directly. The reliability and accuracy of our services is the basic motto of the "Memoria" Accounting Firm.


We offer itemized and general ledger accounts, trade bookkeeping services in compliance with the Act on Accounting and Corporate Chart of Accounts, on the basis of documentation and information received from the Customer.

  • full trade bookkeeping services (commercial companies, individuals, associations, foundations),
  • revenue and expenses ledger,
  • ledger of tax on registered income without deductible costs,
  • full payroll services,
  • preparation and submission of financial and statistical reports to the competent authorities,
  • development of the corporate chart of accounts, cash handling instructions, inventory instructions; we also offer a new service consisting in the supervision of the company accounts,
  • balancing of books

The detailed scope of responsibilities of both Parties may be differently regulated in the individually concluded agreements. Our Accounting Firm has a vast practical experience in supporting the companies in the above range of services, and provides a reliable and friendly service and total confidentiality. We invite you to get in touch with us!


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